Pastor Ron And Sandra Baker

One of the greatest things about repentance is this. Jesus Christ has never refused to forgive anyone. And you will not be the first.  Maybe some of you reading these words today are: 

    * doing wrong things, 
    *  thinking wrong thoughts, 
    * saying wrong words, 
    * listening to wrong things
    * or seeing things that you need to repent for and get your heart right with God and be ready to go in the rapture of the church. 

Repentance and restitution for sins committed is the only way to get right with GOD.

Repentance and restitution for wrongs against man is the only way to get right with MAN.

The act of repentance and restitution will always drastically affect our pride.

To allow pride to effect our relationship with God and others is one of the greatest mistakes we can make in this life.

Doctors of psychology and psychiatry tell us about the 3 hardest  phrases to say in the English language:
   *  I am sorry
    * Please forgive me
    * I love you

However, the value of these words cannot be expressed today or any other day. They are valuable enough to save our souls or condemn us to hell.

Do you realize that you are only nine words away from a great relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is more simple than you think. Just let it come from your heart and say it: "Jesus, I am sorry.  Please forgive me. I love you and want to live my life to please you. Amen."